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Boy From Mars explores stories about the feelings of alienation. 

The alienation of technology causes with reality, a detachment as you are not connected with the conventional. Our collections are born from a fascination by art and our own generation (generation Z); a generation struggling with the hypersensitivity of technology. 


Boy from Mars draws parallels between “extraterrestrial” experiences and human emotions.  Also creating a hypersensitivity for beings connected through the love of beauty and  thrive for equality. On mars we want to make sure every alien feels they have a connection. We don’t know any boundaries, patterns, or gender segmentations.


Boy from Mars fears for planet Earth and its future. On Mars we focus on sustainability in all areas. We reuse unused pieces of fabric or use sustainable materials, which is our contribution for our planet against fast fashion and mass produced collections. 


We follow a made-to-order concept to reduce fashion waste and give you uniquely produced collection of pieces, all made in Germany. The pieces are sewn by professional seamstresses (in-house and also outsourced), who are paid fair wages. We also follow a trans-seasonal rythym where products will be launched when the time is right.


We create what we feel.

We are BFM1996.

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